How To Have Glowing Skin During Winter Months


Winter can bring more than the hum drums and blues. Dry, blotchy and unhappy skin can be part of the effects of the winter as well. Not only are products with appropriate ingredients helpful, but so are treatments including chemical peels.

Chemical peels are formulated with different delivery systems and benefits. With appropriate protocol and products, this treatment will yield the “Red Carpet Glow” you are looking for.

What kind of peels are available?

Glycolic: A glycolic peel has the smallest molecular size and penetrates the deepest. Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is great for exfoliation and rejuvenation of aging skin. However, because of its small molecular size, glycolic acid may not be suitable for sensitive skin types.

Lactic: Derived from milk, a lactic peel is ideal for skin that is dry or sensitive to active ingredients like retinol. Lactic peels will plump and hydrate the skin for a youthful glow.

Beta Peel: Comprised most commonly of salicylic acid, beta peels will help control oil production in the skin and target the bacteria that causes acne.

Pigment Balancing Peel: Pigment balancing peels are designed to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, acne scarring, age spots and melasma. The process takes time (usually peels are done in a series), and sunscreen is super important to prevent the hyperpigmentation from returning once you’ve completed your peel series.

When should I have a peel?

The fall and winter are good times to opt for treatments that can help improve your complexion. With many months before you will be spending a lot of time in the sun, your skin is more protected from the complications that can occur if you receive too much UV exposure while your skin is in the recovery and healing stage. Many people also find it easier to stay indoors and recuperate during this time of year.

What should I use post-peel?

XO8 Cosmeceuticals has the perfect post-treatment face, neck, eye and lip treatments for the skin. During the healing process, apply XO8 Placenta Stem Cell masks to the skin to promote healthy collagen production, increase elasticity, hydrate, and brighten the skin post-peel.

You’ll experience phenomenal results when using XO8 Cosmeceuticals as your post-peel treatments this winter.

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