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Necks Best Bundle

  • (10) Revitalizing Neck Masks
  • (10) Treatment Masks of Choice

Placenta Stem Cell Face Mask

Our original, and the original microcurrent mask -  XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Face Mask us the ultimate age-management mask.

Peptide Radiance Mask

this mask is placenta stem cell free

XO8 Peptide Radiance Mask is a revitalizing treatment mask containing rich antioxidants,  active botanicals and peptides that leave the skin refreshed and radiant.

Caracol Essence  Mask

XO8 Caracol Essence Mask is formulated with cryptomphalus aspersum (snail) filtrate with additional nourishing factors and soothing botanicals for a reparative treatment mask that supports the skin’s natural barrier for flawless, healthy skin.

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