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"XO8 is a wonderful line of advanced skincare serums & masks. Their unique & effective products really take your skincare services to the next level as far as results. Your clients will be "ahmaaazed" when they experience the skin-beautifying benefits of XO8, I promise!"

I adore Rose, the founder, and highly recommend XO8 Cosmeceuticals skincare products. Sheri Flasch CEO/Founder of the EC 


"I am in love with this mask! One of my favorite things to do before I teach a workshop is to wear this mask to bed! (I end up pulling it off sometime in the middle of the night) but when I wake up my skin is smoother, firmer, and brighter! Even when I use this mask for 30 minutes, there is a noticeable difference! It will complement any skin care line you carry and your clients will love it. The owner, Rose, has outstanding customer service. She has a huge heart and loves helping people. Stellar product and incredible people behind the brand." Maxine Drake - Esthetician Business Consultant and Founder of the Beauty Business Summit


"We Love the XO8 products as they have an excellent dielectric property to synergize well with our machines as we see cumulative benefits when used together." Tony Picciano CEO of NeurotriS


"XO8 products have been extremely well received by my patients.  As a Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in cosmetic facial rejuvenation, I realize that attention to every detail is crucial if the outcome is to be beneficial. My aim is to rejuvenate the face using techniques and products that create a natural appearance. 

We know that the overlying skin is crucial for one to appear healthy and vibrant.   XO8 products have added another dimension by which the facial skin is enhanced. The process of maintaining a healthy glow is always ongoing; XO8 products are a must for this maintenance. My staff, patients and myself have used these products and are very pleased with the results." Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 


“I personally use all of the XO8 product there is! But my absolute favorite is the Vital Refining Treatment! I use it twice a day and my face look and feels great …. Super hydrated, tight and the daily glow it gives me is amazing! Thank you, Rose and XO8 for nurturing my skin so beautifully the way you do!” - Jaylene Cosme, Director of Operations at Rezenerate 


“The Vital Restorative Elixir helped save my skin at the change of the seasons. The cool weather hit at the same time as Halloween and between that temp and moisture change and all the makeup, I was wearing my skin was THIRSTY. I decided to get a Rezenerate treatment infusing the Vital Restorative Elixir and my skin bounced right back to its normal hydrated self! The serum paired with the Vital Restorative mask after was so hydrating and cooling. My skin went from dry and screaming to glowing and happy.” -Thomas Monks, Operations Manager at Rezenerate


"XO8 Cosmeceuticals has my heart! When I am treating clients with my Rezenerate and performing a nano-needling facial, AKA “the best facial ever”, the only serum I use and trust is the Placenta Peptide Complex by XO8 Cosmeceuticals. The texture of the skin improves dramatically with this magical serum making my client's skin supple and radiant. As an aesthetician of 30 years, I have spent a lot of my time researching the best products out there and I am confident that I have found the best and that is XO8!" -Maria Dovale @Smooth Aesthetics by Maria Dovale, New York


XO8 Cosmeceuticals is my constant “go to”in my business for amazing results. I can trust every skin type with the serums and masks to create hydration, clarity, and brilliance to the skin. Also my clients feel they have been given a royal treatment that keeps them coming back for more….XO8 rocks my business daily!🥰- Pam Smith National Educator & Trainer for NeurotriS and Owner of Skin Dynamics LLC.


"I have been a user of XO8 for years and it never disappoints. I just love love the results every time! My customers rebook constantly and my stem cell facials are always a hit! Thank you!" - Leslie Fasulo Licensed Esthetician & Trainer  @Skin & body by Refinery Medical Spa


" I enjoy all XO8 masks and serums so much but the Vital Refining Treatment is a GAME CHANGER!" - Stephanie Wright owner of Cheek 2 Chic Studio & Med Spa 


"I LOVE XO8 - HERE IS WHY- as an esthetician, I wanted products that deliver results, will make a difference in your client’s skin, and make me, the professional, stand out - XO8 DOES IT!
The XO8 team ALWAYS provides excellent customer service, product knowledge and helps assist with all my requests. It makes my life, as a business owner/esthetician so much easier. I highly recommend them to any professional who is looking for excellent products and team .SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I AM THANKFUL"❤️❤️ TALI BARZILAI @ BEAUTYMARK SHOP, CALIFORIA

"When I was first introduced to XO8 Cosmeceuticals, I decided I would just use it on myself to start with to see what results I could get out of it, I was so impressed I ordered more for my treatment room. Needless to say, my clients loved it! We immediately started noticing skin texture improvement as well as softening of fine lines and wrinkles and this was just with the original formula Placenta Stem Cell Serum (Revitalizing Elixir). I soon realized I needed to try the Placenta Peptide Complex which I ordered and use for all my Rezenerate nano facials, then tried the Vital Refining Treatment which was a game changer for my Rosacea clients who cannot go without it as it soothes and cools their skin. I recently sampled out the new "snail serum" (Vital Restorative Elixir) with my nano facials and am so excited with the results I am seeing in just one treatment and cannot wait to see the cumulative results, thank you XO8, you have been a game changer in my business! - Monica Herman @Serenity Facials and Massage, North Carolina


"We brought in XO8 Products, because it is our POWER HOUSE TREATMENT with ingredients to assist any compromised skin.  Our Classic Bella Facial with XO8 has been one of our Popular Facials.  It’s an enhanced treatment focused on anti-aging, targeting fine lines and wrinkles with a natural tightening of the skin." -Maria Sanchez @belladayspa.houston

Hands down the BEST products that truly show results!!I’ve been an esthetician for over 17 years, and I am very proactive in researching products that I not only want to offer my clients but products that I will use on myself! I have tried many through the years, but nothing compares to XO8!!! Definitely a game changer in the treatment room!!  Donna Mondorff owner of Glow Salon, Florida


"I am in love with XO8 Cosmeceuticals! I use the products daily in my treatment room! My favorite product is the Revitalizing Mask, as I see my clients' skin transformation with a single treatment!!" - Valeria Zetner, XO8 Premier Provider


"I finally tried the vital restorative mask last night ( I used galvanic & LED) and finished it w/ the vital refining treatment. My skin looks amazing! I have hyperpigmentation from chemo & radiation and this is the best it has looked since pre-chemo. Thank you for creating such amazing products!" - Amanda Silva, XO8 Premier Provider


"Brought back XO8 into her med spa: I use it with my post inflammatory acne treatments and the results were amazing. It’s the only product I use with my micro needling. My clients are so happy!" -Karen Marie Schmal, Licensed Esthetician


"Do you ever use a product and wonder how you ever lived without it? That’s how I feel about XO8 Cosmeceuticals!  Their 24K stem cell Gold Mask is my favorite face mask out there and loved by all my clients!" -Melanie Vagnone, Licensed Esthetician 


"After an XO8 Red Carpet Facial, my clients feel 20 years younger. I love my skin work and can't wait to help more women of the valley be their best selves. Thank you for helping with this!" - Kate Jaksik @Glow Beauty Bar 


"It's such a great feeling having random people come up to you and tell you that you have great skin! A true testament that professional skincare works. I cannot live without XO8 Cosmeceuticals Products!" -Shirley Avila-Dreyfus @Clean Healthy Skin by Shirley, California  


"I was introduced to XO8 Cosmeceuticals 3-4 years ago when I was looking for the best serum and mask to use with Rezenerate.  I first used the Revitalizing Mask (formally Placenta stem cell mask) on myself and I was blown away by the results from the mask.  I started using the XO8 Cosmeceuticals serums and masks with my Rezenerate treatments and not only did I notice the results but my clients that had been doing the treatments with other products said they really noticed such a profound difference after incorporating XO8 products. Over the years I have used all the incredible serums and now my favorite with Rezenerate is the Placenta Peptide Complex. I love that I can count on the incredible results and “wow” factor.  Thank you Rose and XO8 Cosmeceuticals for what you do!"
Stacy Wall Owner Metamorphosis


"XO8 has been a game changer for our Estheticians and our bottom line!  With unparalleled results in the treatment room and retail sales significantly higher than we have ever seen in the past, I can confidently say that XO8 offers the best masks, serums and specialty treatments that we have worked with over the last 12 years.  Each one of their products are extraordinary with a unique but highly effective ingredient deck. This makes the treatments and retail easy to sell and even easier to rebook. When the results are there, written all over your client’s face, the rest becomes easy! Thank you XO8 for taking our spa and our Estheticians to the next level. You are incredible to work with and Pure Spa loves all things XO8!!" - Jessica Leigh @Pure Spa, California  


"The Peptide Placenta Complex is the most calming serum with really good results in just one treatment! I'm in love with XO8!" -Skin by Victoria, Licensed Esthetician 


 "I have seen such a difference in my skin since my Esthetician started using XO8 Cosmeceuticals products on me during my facials. I love knowing that my skin is getting the best treatments in the industry with XO8. I love that I can purchase XO8 products after my facial to prolong my results and use their products at home. I apply the Vital Refining Treatment every night before bed to top off my nightly skincare routine because it's filled with collagen and elastin that works into my skin overnight to improve the texture, reduce redness, and calms my skin. I've been using it every night for months and have seen such a difference. I have the confidence to finally go without makeup! XO8 has become a product line I truly can't live without. I'm so lucky my Esthetician carries it in her treatment room and gives me the opportunity to purchase the products for myself as well." - Lindsey Boyle 


"The XO8 mask is amazing because it works on so many skin issues! It is a wonderful finisher to just about any treatment. I gave this mask to one of my VIP clients to use prior to her wedding makeup being applied and her make-up artist said it was the best application ever!!! Adding this mask to my services has been a big hit with clients and in profits. It's a win-win!”

-Cindy Calderon