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Full Size Sample Mask & Serum Kit: Only $139.00 CLICK FOR PROMO CODE

 *Full-Size Products

LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. * Complimentary shipping only for the United States on this offer! 

Please add code Sample at checkout to receive the one-time offer discount of $226.00.

Premier Clients may only order one (1) Sample Kit. Orders placed for multiple kits will be adjusted accordingly. We appreciate your understanding. 

The best way to try XO8 is to sample all eight of our products to determine which will work best for your clients.

Our Sample Kit includes one of each of the following:                                                                                                                                                

  • XO8 Revitalizing Face Mask
  • Peptide Radiance Mask                                                                       
  • XO8 Vital Restorative Mask                                                                 
  • Revitalizing Neck Mask                                                                       
  • Revitalizing Retail Elixir
  • Vital Restorative Elixir
  • Placenta Peptide Complex
  • Vital Refining Treatment


XO8 Revitalizing Face Mask:

Our original, and original microcurrent mask - XO8 Revitalizing Face Mask is the ultimate age-management mask. 

Peptide Radiance Mask:

This mask is placenta stem cell-free

XO8 Peptide Radiance Mask is a revitalizing treatment mask containing rich antioxidants, active botanicals, and peptides that leave the skin refreshed and radiant. 

XO8 Vital Restorative Mask:

XO8 Vital Restorative is formulated with cryptomphalus aspersum (snail) filtrate with additional nourishing factors and soothing botanicals for a reparative treatment mask that supports the skin’s natural barrier for flawless, healthy skin. 

Revitalizing Neck Mask:

XO8 Revitalizing Neck Mask uses a cocktail of unique and highly active ingredients proven extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin. Our proprietary blend includes the purest stem cells, amino acids, nutrients, and antioxidants necessary to fight the signs of aging. 

Revitalizing Retail Elixir:  

A multimodal placenta stem cell serum formulated with active botanicals and peptides designed to promote collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines, and even out skin tone. 

Vital Restorative Elixir:

Is formulated with powerhouse ingredients to protect and restore the skin. Caracol essence, probiotics, and peptides strengthen the skin's natural barrier while active botanicals nourish and protect the skin for unparalleled results.

Placenta Peptide Complex:

Designed for both Nano infusion and traditional micro-needling to tackle AGEs and improve texture, tone, and overall appearance.

 Vital Refining Treatment:

Enhance the production of collagen and elastin for incredibly vibrant skin. Reduces TEWL and redness in skin while improving texture.

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