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love your skin, love your journey.

We live in a world where it isn't easy to feel good in your skin. We're bombarded with external standards of beauty that could never match the inner radiance we carry within us.

As an esthetician, I’ve worked with many clients (some for many years) yet we only see each other for brief, one-hour appointments. During those precious sessions, they share their lives, stories, and (most of all) their very real need to feel good about themselves. Even with access to so many different skin care lines and treatments - I found myself still wanting more for my clients: something that would make them sit a little taller and feel a little better about where they are on life's journey. 

As time went on, I realized I wanted to create something innovative to showcase that inner radiance. Being a lifelong east coaster it came to me in a New York minute: a results-driven treatment mask that made visible improvements with one use. This product had to be unlike anything anyone had ever seen. After more than a year of formulation and testing we'd developed what would come to be known as the gold standard in age management.

XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask: A facial mask based on a nutritionally dense essence that makes a noticeable improvement in the skin with just one use with enhanced results that peak 2 - 5 days post-treatment. It quickly became my clients’ go-to treatment for red carpet events, weddings, and anytime they need an instant pick-me-up. We have since expanded into a targeted line of age-management products that will leave your clients in love with their skin.  

If you haven't already, please Register for your Premier Account today so that you too can become a part of the best-kept secret to age-management in the treatment room. We are humbled to be a part of your journey where together we'll help you love your skin forever.